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Tandem Hang Gliding Code: #392523

Sydney, New South Wales
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HangglideOZ offers the thrill of tandem hang gliding (30 minute trial introductory flight) from world famous Bald Hill in Stanwell Park and Hill 60 in Wollongong.

On the hill your instructor will assist you through paperwork, a briefing and a harness check. Take off is a few easy steps. The flight will last for approximately 30 minutes, during which time you will learn how easy it is to fly, and enjoy the exhilaraton of soaring with a magnificent birds-eye view of Grand Pacific Drive, the coastal escarpment and the Royal National Park.

Experience the ultimate exhilaration of flying accompanied by one of the world's most experienced tandem instructors. Chief instructor, Tony Armstrong has over 25 years of tandem flying experience; this experience is tandem hanggliding is unrivalled in the world. We have provided tandems for all age groups, from fourteen to ninety four, with Veronica Adams, Guiness Book of Records Oldest Tandem passenger, aged 94. You are never too old to fly with Australia's most experienced tandem operator.

Two Locations are available:

1. Bald Hill, Stanwell Park is the primary site used, with amazing views of Grand Pacific Drive. Undoubtedly one of the premier coastal flying sites in the world, located just 1 hour south of Sydney. We are able to utilise this site when the winds are from the south/southeast. The site is about 500 feet high above the sea level, providing spectacular views of Grand Pacific Drive, the Royal National Park and the coastal escarpment.

2. Hill 60 is a great flying site when the summer north easterly winds are blowing! Located just 25 minutes south of Stanwell Park, Hill 60 is almost surrounded by water, overlooking beautiful swimming beaches, the five islands of Wollongong and Big island, a bird sactuary just offshore. So you'll be sharing the air with sea birds, large and small, and the north easterly winds make for warm sunny weather. Great hang gliding conditions, and we're the only school flying here!

Adult( $220 )

This hang glide is applicable for weekdays. Per person - MINIMUM AGE TO FLY IS 14 YEARS OLD

30 minute hang glide, safety briefing and all necessary safety equipment. Photo packages and videos can be purchased on the day. Please advise the operator when you do the weather check on the morning of your booking.


Bald Hill, Stanwell Park, NSW 2508

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